Prenatal Yoga Series

Prenatal Yoga Series

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Yoga is a powerful spiritual and physical tool that helps to support us in many different phases of life. 

I have crafted with a lot of love a prenatal yoga series for women during pregnancy, preparing for birth and preparing for motherhood. This series is all about giving mummas that loving support they need physically and emotionally to move through each stage of their pregnancy with peace, ease and trust as well as helping to already develop that strong connection to their baby. 

I know that it can seem overwhelming and confusing when it comes to knowing what you can and can’t do with prenatal yoga. I have been working with pregnant women for many years and wanted to become certified in order to have that knowledge to best support my new mummas and empower them. 

So these practices are designed to give you all the information you need, giving you the whys, all of the knowledge, the tools so that you know how to practice safely for you and your baby. So still building strength and finding beautiful releases in the poses but modifying the poses to best suit your body, your needs, so already learning to tap into your natural intuition as a mother. 

The series contains 8 videos, 6 yoga practices and two meditations. 

The first two yoga practices with me are for when you are in your first trimester, educating you on how to continue your yoga practice safely for your newly pregnant body. Then we move onto two practices for you in your second trimester, when your belly starts to get a little bigger and more modifications are needed. And then the last two yoga practices are for your third trimester, one regular yoga practice where we start to really slow down to be with baby, to be with breath and then the other yoga practice is designed specifically to prepare you for birth.  

This prenatal series honours both the physical transformation as well as the mental and spiritual transformation that takes place for women. So giving you the ability to harness your inner power to be physically strong for pregnancy and birth but to also teach you to stop, pause, absorb and soak in this very special time. 

Before following any of the practices in this package, we recommend consulting with your doctor or medical practitioner. Please remember that every Mama and pregnancy journey is different, so it's important to listen to your body and your instincts when practicing yoga and only do what feels right for you. 

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