Our mission is to create a sacred and safe container for women to truly be themselves and in turn feel empowered. 

As women, as mothers, as sisters, as partners, as workers we give, give, give - sometimes to the point where we feel there is nothing left. 

So on a Shaka Shakti retreat, this is your time to receive.

Whether you are processing a break up, a loss, overworked, overstressed, lost in direction or simply just need a break, these retreats give you the opportunity to breathe in more space, to allow healing to take place, to allow yourself to drop into a state of receiving and to really allow yourself to live in the present moment as you immerse yourself in a new adventure and a new culture. 

Sisterhood. There is an unspoken bond that develops as we go through this powerful journey together, a true sisterhood of support. Regardless of your background, age or interests this is a retreat where women from all walks of life come together. 

Your own sacred Shaka Shakti journal will be provided to you and after each yoga class you have the opportunity to reflect and express yourself through writing if you wish, on the teachings explored in practice such as self love, manifestation, fear, internal blocks, boundaries etc

Two extra special Shaka Shakti workshops focused on Manifestation and Self love/body image will also be offered throughout the week.