Deep Listening - Beginners Guide to Meditation

Deep Listening - Beginners Guide to Meditation

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Deep listening has been developed from my heart to yours.

This online series is comprised of 6 videos that not only introduce you to the practice of Meditation as a practical way to reduce stress and calm your nervous system. But the series is structured and guided in a way where the meditations offered will actually change the way you perceive the world and perceive yourself.


The first video of the series educates you on exactly what meditation is, why we should meditate and unpack some meditation myths that may have caused you resistance in the past.

The next 5 videos are the guided meditation practices. Each practice focusing on a specific mindfulness attitude that when practiced and understood fully can lead to lifelong tools for happiness and contentment through deepening your meditation experience.

These mindfulness attitudes are…





And gratitude

Together these practices are an evolving progression to allow you to deepen your meditation and to drop you into deeper states of bliss, discovering the boundless internal love within.  

  • 1 x Introductory Video 
  • 5 x Meditation practices 

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