Online Packages

Once you have purchased your package, you will then have the option to download it from the checkout confirmation page. You will also be automatically emailed your download link to the email address that you provided when purchasing the package.

Please check your junk and spam mailboxes to ensure your email hasn't been sent to them. If 24 hours has passed and you still haven't received your email to the email address that you provided, please contact us at 

It is against our privacy policy to forward or share our online packages with other people. Please remember that these packages have been crafted with a lot of love and care, and it is damaging to our small business if they are shared to people that haven't purchased them. Thank you for understanding.

Please add your product to your cart, then proceed to checkout and add your discount code at the checkout page. 

Returns and exchanges

As our online packages are digital, these products are not eligible for returns or exchanges, so we ask you to double check your selection when choosing your online package from our store.