Ladies, now is the time to get your shakas out...

...and experience the thrill of sliding onto pristine waves in some of the most authentically beautiful surf rich places on earth. 

Whether it’s your first time surfing or you are an avid surfer, our group sessions are all about exploring new realms of growth and aliveness through the ocean - and of course throwing out a few shakas in the process.

At Shaka Shakti, surfing is such a potent part of our retreat package. All the self love, all the patience, all the focus, even the breathing techniques we learn and generate through our yoga practice, we bring into the water.

As our retreats are designed for surfers of all levels, we make sure we are always positioned in areas that have easy access to beginner, intermediate and advanced level waves to serve all. 

Theory lessons are first offered in our retreat shala if you are a fresh beginner to help you firmly plant your surf roots down to allowing skills to grow before even stepping foot in the ocean. Regardless of what surf level you are at, our surf coaches mission is to get you feeling comfortable, supported and safe. 

Although everything is always optional, on our retreats we really encourage all our Shaka Shakti sisters to allow mumma ocean to give them the ride of their lives.